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Justin Obara obara.justin at gmail.com
Tue May 17 13:08:57 UTC 2011

This morning I performed some minor surgery on the master branch of our project repo. This was done to unflip the network graph and restore the correct lineage of our commits.

There are two important things I'd like to mention regarding this. First and for most, what does this mean to you, and secondly what did I do to accomplish the unflipping.


What does this mean to you?

Since I had to fix up the master branch, this means you will all have to kill your current master branch and recheck it out from the current upstream. Failure to do so will likely revert the branch back to it's erroneous state, or further confuse it, on pushing to the project repo.

Let me know if you need any help with this. This MUST be done ASAP!!

Steps to correct.

git fetch upstream
fetch the latest code from the upstream repo
git checkout upstream/master
checkout the local copy of the remote master
git branch -D master
delete your existing master branch
git checkout -b master
create a new master branch from the upstream/master
in your github infusion fork, click the admin button and change the default repo to any branch other than master
git push origin :master
delete your old master branch from your github repo
git push origin master:master
push your new master branch to your github repo
in your github infusion fork, click the admin button and change the default repo back to the master branch
You should probably fix up any other branch that you merged master into or branched from master since FLUID-4113 was merged on Friday evening.
you're all finished

What I did to change master.

Basically I started over from before the merge and re-merged in all the commits since then.

Here are the steps.

checked out master
created a FLUID-4113 branch
reset to 8c90d8cf5217e7c2370d72c1f8aac0a4fa420059
created a FLUID-4236 branch
reset to 6bac52cc376f8efff8b2cd6d806593b8fb7ff03b
created a FLUID-4197 branch
reset to dc89dd6fd361a20de39bf6bb39a5017f9f3e12bd
created a FLUID-4160 branch
reset to 5efe283952bb01c2fe0463eb7ec56fcd4f73d239
reset master to 275f559d96217e04bdc554dd6b0b0ed222fac016
merge FLUID-4113 into master
merge FLUID-4236 into master
merge colinbdclark/FLUID-3886 into master
merge FLUID-4197 into master
merge FLUID-4160 into master
deleted the old master branch from the project repo
pushed the new master branch to the project repo


On 2011-05-16, at 9:51 AM, Justin Obara wrote:

> Hello all, so just because it's fun to talk about flipped graphs, I'd thought I through my 2 cents in :)
> Antranig, I think you should have been able to use the --no-ff flag. If I'm not mistaken all that says is to ensure that a merge commit occurs. If you don't use that flag a fast-forward may occur. I believe a fast-forward is just something that git does to progress the current branch forward to that of the merged branch, and has the effect of flipping the graph in some cases. 
> I've spent a bit of time playing with it this morning to see if I could fix it at all. What I have so far done was to reset master back to before the merge occurred. Did a merge with the --no-ff flag. After this since there were a few commits, I just merged the existing upstream/master back into it.   I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it any cleaner than this and preserve all of the commit numbers as they are.  
> Currently this is displayed in two branches in the graph below.
> https://github.com/jobara/infusion_network_graph/network
> I'm not entirely sure it's worth trying to fix, but we may want to, since there has been a number of commits since that branch had started. Let me know what you all think. 
> Thanks
> Justin
> On 2011-05-16, at 3:56 AM, Antranig Basman wrote:
>> On 15/05/2011 08:37, Michelle D'Souza wrote:
>>> On 2011-05-13, at 7:43 PM, Antranig Basman wrote:
>>>> In news which I know will upset a FISH, I seem to have sadly managed to "flip the line" again with this merge,
>>> Fish are not so easily upset as that.  :)
>>>> git merge --log harriswong/FLUID-4113
>>> I believe that if you'd used the --no-ff flag then the line would have stayed the same.
>> I think that wouldn't have worked this time... that prevents a fast-forward if one is going to occur, but since this was a genuine branch merge there is no way it could have been resolved with an FF in any case. I just made a manful attempt to flip the black line back again by creating a spurious branch from the past, but it didn't work since I couldn't create an FF for the "out-of-time" update since there had already been a merge in the way... I think we are stuck with the "black line flipped" for all time now, and with Colin's commit just now our "synchronous history" has already receded yet one further step back, becoming green rather than blue :P
>> Also browsing our recent history with gitk shows a graph that appears utterly unrelated in topology to the one displayed by github... I think we will have to sadly accept that the choosing in priority of merge parents when doing layout is essentially arbitrary as we feared :(
>> Sorry :(
>> Boz
>>> It's exciting to have the jquery upgrade in the project repo now - thanks everyone!
>>> Michelle
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