First pass at yellow/black themes for UIOptions

Cheetham, Anastasia acheetham at
Mon May 16 17:50:24 UTC 2011

James and Heidi,

I've pushed a branch to my github repo with a first pass at the yellow-on-black and black-on-yellow themes:

In order to be able to view for myself how the themes apply to various elements, I threw together a "themes" test page, which I added to the under-used FSS unit test pages. You can have a look at this page in a browser, in addition to the various other UIOptions demos, etc.

Heidi, when you have a moment, I'd appreciate a quick review to see if I'm doing any FSS no-nos.

James, in addition to any general feedback you might have, I have a few specific questions about what these themes should be doing:

1) Should icons in widgets be replaced with their text alternatives, the way the high-contrast themes do? Currently, that's the way I've implemented it, but I wasn't sure.

2) Does the "header" line of the widgets look ok? Some themes seems to "invert" the colour scheme of the body, others do not. I wasn't sure which way to go.

3) What should we do with FSS buttons? The FSS includes classes that use background images to make links "look like" buttons. You can see what that looks like in other themes at the bottom of my test file. Not sure what to do with the yellow/black themes?

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