GSOC videoPlayer project

charly molter charly.molter at
Fri May 13 12:17:50 UTC 2011

Hi everybody,
I'm Charly and I'll be working on the videoPlayer project that Colin
Clark and Heidi Valles will be mentoring it.
I'm currently getting used to Fluid framework that I didn't know at
all before getting interested in the project.  I'm really pleased to
be part of Fluid's comunity and I'll try to get the most of your
experience, during the time I'll be spending on the video player.
For those interested by it here is a link for my proposal however it hasn't be updated in a while (exams
made me delay the editing of it)
I'm open to any suggestion, advices, comments. I'm really happy and
proud to be part of such a project.

Best regards,

Charly Molter

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