UI Options to-do list with jiras

Valles, Heidi hvalles at ocad.ca
Wed May 11 17:53:46 UTC 2011

hi all,

I've updated our UIO 1.4 to-do list from dev meeting last week with JIRAs. Our roadmap/work list page has also been updated:  http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/UI+Options+1.4+Roadmap

	1.	FLUID-4210  Controls Subcomponents
	2.	FLUID-4216 Implement new controls
	3.	FLUID-3761 live preview
	4.	FLUID-4219 !important generation
	5.	FLUID-4217 sliding
	6.	FLUID-4215 tabs
	7.	FLUID-4218 new themes
	8.	FLUID-3782 styling
	9.	FLUID-4220 layout -> don't apply to UI Options
	10.	FLUID-4221 save automatically
	11.	FLUID-4224 broken unit tests
	◦	UI Enhancer
	◦	UI Options, 3 fail
	◦	text slider - only configure through options
	12.	FLUID-4207  IoCify UI Enhancer + auto init
	13.	FLUID-4203 Integration tests
	14.	ToC
	◦	FLUID-4209 RSF: IDs
	◦	FLUID-4003 container for ToC, container to search for headers

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