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Cheetham, Anastasia acheetham at
Thu May 5 18:41:46 UTC 2011

Heidi and James (et. al),

As we discussed in the dev meeting yesterday, I'm working on a test page that we can use to test the new panelized version of UI Options. I've pushed a first draft to a branch of my fork:

The files are in the "standalone-demos" folder, called SomeKindOfNews.*

None of the links on the page are actually functional. The "Display Preferences" button is not hooked up to UI Options yet; however, I have thrown UI Options in to the bottom of the page, for preliminary testing. Obviously, it won't stay that way.

So far, I'm using:
	FSS layout styles
	FSS widets, tabs, menu
	FSS form layout
	FSS button
	a table
	background images
	font styles (both FSS and regular)
	font colours, background colours, sizes

Still to add:
	FSS icon

I've tried to define a "theme" that encapsulates the custom styles (namespaced "skon-*") but I'm still working out how to create an FSS theme, so I'm sure I'll need to work on that some more. I understand this theme name would need to be passed to UIEnhancer (not implemented at the time of this email).

Right now, I'm just pulling images in that exist already in the hierarchy (except for the background gradient). Not sure if that's ok.

Are there other things we want to make sure are in the demo page? Any other suggestions?

Anastasia Cheetham     Inclusive Design Research Centre
acheetham at            Inclusive Design Institute
                                        OCAD University

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