notes from todays dev meeting.

Justin Obara obara.justin at
Wed May 4 20:12:17 UTC 2011

Here's a transcript of the notes that Colin wrote on the white board during today's dev meeting.

jQuery 1.6 Bugs

test failing because of a change to focus/focusin
ask Antranig to look at rewriting / refactoring tests to get them to work.
destroy() has been  made private, demo is broken - Pager
Harris to research more about jQuery UI widgets.
Table Of Contents 
$.ajax has changed, xml doc instead of "text"
look into options for fetch.resources see if we can pass the data type along

UI Options TODOs

Controls Subcomponents
Implement new controls
live preview
!important generation
new themes
layout -> don't apply to UI Options
save automatically
broken unit tests
UI Enhancer
UI Options, 3 fail
text slider - only configure through options
IoCify UI Enhancer + auto init
Integration tests
container for ToC, container to search for headers

Uploader TODOs

mlam pull request
reinstantiating uploader in gallery
fileTypes + options backwards
error handling
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