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1. We found that in uPortal in IE7, when we had two columns both set to 50%, the second column would get bumped down below the first column instead of being side-by-side. Other factors in uPortal may have been contributing to the issue, but in testing, the only consitent fix was to set IE7's 50-50 to really be 49-49. 
2. I copied directly what was in uPortal, and I should have removed the float and display declarations. It's a hold-over from an early implementation where we folded in the declarations on ".fl-col". I think in uPortal we wanted to not have the padding and margins applied by the .fl-col-flex2 > .fl-col setup, and uPortal was going to use them specifically as columns not just container widths. Does that make sense? At any rate, for inclusion in FSS, go ahead and drop the float and display declarations. 


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Hi Gary, 

Thanks for passing this along. 

I have a couple of questions. 

    1. Pardon my CSS ignorance, but what is the IE hack needed for in .fl-col-flex50? 
    2. Why do they all have float: left and display: inline? The ones in FSS seem to just be setting the width. I'm wondering if we can break this apart somehow, or if this was for a specific use case? 


On 2011-03-08, at 11:38 AM, Gary Thompson wrote: 


Regarding FLUID-4025, I've attached the expanded flexible columns that we've been using in uPortal. Let me know what you think. 

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