Jamon Camisso jamonation at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 14:20:33 UTC 2011

On 03/ 8/11 03:29 PM, Colin Clark wrote:
> Hi Antranig,
> It's unfortunate that Douglas Crockford rejected our pull request for tolerating the "for (var x in ...)" construct in JSLint, and really awesome that you were able to fork it and add the feature yourself.
> We need to be careful, though, with this new power to change the rules of our code style guidelines. One of the main reasons that JSLint has become so controversial recently is because it blurs the distinction between idioms that actively reduce the likelihood of errors, and mere stylistic preference.
> When we get into the realm of code formatting and stylistic preference, we run the risk of bike shed arguments. Our approach to this issue has always been to pick someone else's style rules--someone from outside the community. It removes contention and personal feelings from code reviews, shifting the blame away from any individual in the community.
> As the maintainer of our JSLint fork, you've now got a new and unprecedented power. We should try to only use it for stylistic issues we can find community-wide consensus on, not for personal taste.

Is there consensus as to which jslint should be used?

Crockford's is here: http://swarm.fluidproject.org/jslint
Antranig's fork is here: http://swarm.fluidproject.org/JSLint

Once a decision is made, one or the other can be shutdown or moved

Cheers, Jamon

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