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Jamon has set us up with pilot instances of

MindTouch Deki:<>

I will be playing and experimenting with all three systems, implementing pages with several representative types of documentation content in each system. I will be trying to answer the questions listed below. We already have pretty good answers to some of the questions (e.g. how much control we have over the look and feel of MediaWiki), but I'll be comparing and contrasting the systems.

I imagine I've neglected something in my list below, so please have a look and suggest any further topics.

Look and Feel
How easy is it to change the look and feel?
Just how much control can you have over the look and feel?

What is involved in setting up custom persistent navigation?
How easy is it to add breadcrumbs?
What other navigation is possible?
Can pages be tagged?
How easy/effective is searching for content?

Embedding Contextual Demos
What is involved in embedding contextual (i.e. "marketing") demos into pages?

Embedding Functional Examples
What is involved in embedding functional examples (i.e. small snippets) into pages?
What is involved in displaying the same snippets on the page (i.e. importing as text, not functional)?

What is involved in creating page templates?
What is involved in using a template?
How helpful/effective are the templates?

Can drafts of pages be maintained and updated before publishing?
Can multiple authors edit drafts?
How easily are drafts organized, accessed?
Alternatively, can we have two separate instances of the docs, one stable and one dev? (these would embed different code bases)

What is involved in giving community members permission to edit the documentation?

What interfaces are available for editing content (e.g. wysiwyg, plain text, etc.)?
How intuitive/easy to learn are the editing interfaces?

Can the documentation be exported to a static form (e.g. PDF or HTML) for off-line viewing?

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