Infusion component website redesign - functionality and content details.

Jonathan Hung jhung at
Mon Mar 7 16:10:13 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,

I have created a page detailing the proposed structure, content, and
functionality of the Infusion section for the new Fluid Project website.

Some functionality is a bit more involved (i.e. being able to see a
cumulative changelog between two selected Infusion releases), so obviously
development priority will be given to core content and functionality. Also
functionality and content is not finalized, so any suggestions will be

In the above link I have made notes of some new content and functionality
that seems more appropriate for the technical documentation redesign. We
should meet to discuss if any of this would fit within that task.

Erin, James, Anastasia:
Does the above document match what we have been discussing? Anything I may
have missed?

Take care,

- Jonathan.

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