GSoC Image Editor Project

Pulkit Goyal pulkit110 at
Tue Jun 21 14:20:04 UTC 2011


I have been working on building an ImageEditor component for Fluid project
as a part of my Google Summer of Code project . For now, it supports basic
image editing functions like resize, crop and tag. The code for imageEditor
can be found on github <>. It also
depends on two more components, CropperUI

To deploy the Image Editor, follow the following steps:

1. Get the fluid infusion source from
2. Add imageEditor as a component to the infusion/src/webapp/components/
3. Get CropperUI and TaggerUI code and add them to the
directory as well.
4. Deploy on web server.
5. The demo page is ImageEditor/html/ImageEditorDemo.html

There are a few bugs currently with imageEditor and I hope to fix them as
soon as possible. I will be glad to hear suggestions and comments on the


Pulkit Goyal
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