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Wed Jun 15 16:34:14 UTC 2011

The move to git has been amazing. I recently had the task of merging and managing several branches of code that mostly touch two files. There were conflicts to be sure but if we were still using svn I think I would have pulled out all my hair. 

The thing I expected to miss from svn was revision numbers but once I got used to hashes that's been fine too. Slightly less information about the order of commits relative to each other when I'm reading commit list e-mail but it hasn't been an issue. 

Github has been so good for collaboration that Yura is mirroring the collection space UI layer svn on github so that he can more easily work with other people in the community. It removes a lot of the question of commit access and allows an easier entry into the community. 

I think my favourite thing about git is the quantity and quality of documentation - it's really easy to find the answers to any questions I've had about using git. 


On 2011-06-15, at 10:22 AM, Eric Dalquist wrote:

> A bit off topic but since Fluid made the change from Subversion to Git I'm wondering if folks here can share their views on the switch to git and their likes/dislikes. I'm going to be proposing that uPortal consider moving to github and want some real perspectives first.
> Thanks,
> -Eric
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