Perspectives on Git

Wong, Harris hwong at
Wed Jun 15 16:03:23 UTC 2011

Things I really like about git are:
- allows me to have multiple branches in one folder and i can switch between by typing in "git switch"; i would have to checkout multiple folders from svn
- you don't have to maintain svn server, setting up ssh, user passwd and authz, etc, github does it for you
- you can quickly show others what you did by showing them links on github (github even allows you to specify line numbers!)
- github has a social aspect to coding, great for opensource
- github makes collaboration much, much easier.

Things i don't like about git in comparison to svn (could be just me not being familiar with it):
- there was a bit of a learning curve coming from svn/cvs.
- once you committed locally, it's not easy to change your commit comments
- i used tortoiseSVN and i really liked it; i couldn't find anything like that for git, i now use command line and liking it
- I liked incremental svn revision number; git uses hash

Overall, i like git :).  Just my 2cents

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A bit off topic but since Fluid made the change from Subversion to Git
I'm wondering if folks here can share their views on the switch to git
and their likes/dislikes. I'm going to be proposing that uPortal
consider moving to github and want some real perspectives first.


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