Perspectives on Git

Antranig Basman antranig.basman at
Wed Jun 15 15:28:59 UTC 2011

Personally, I found git an unmitigated success... there are all kinds of 
workflows it makes enormously smoother (accepting and reviewing 
"patches", branching for long or short-term work, coordinating 
multi-person contributions) that I think it has already amply repaid the 
investment we had to make in it. Added to that is the fact it is simply 
so much more RELIABLE than SVN which will corrupt working copies at the 
drop of a hat. git is often faster to check out a complete repository 
with full history than SVN is to do a simple update...

Even the famous "learning curve" for git was a lot smoother than it was 
feared to be - certainly it operates a quite different model to SVN but 
generally one which has a fathomable kind of internal logic - as well as 
the command set being generally simpler to use, and offering much better 
feedback in the case of bogus commands or operations which risk losing 

To be honest, I can't say anything against it :P I need to remember not 
to type "git pull" when I am pulling in branches, and remember that 
HEAD^1 and HEAD~1 were sadly defined to be the "illogical way round"... 
just niggles.


On 15/06/2011 15:22, Eric Dalquist wrote:
> A bit off topic but since Fluid made the change from Subversion to Git
> I'm wondering if folks here can share their views on the switch to git
> and their likes/dislikes. I'm going to be proposing that uPortal
> consider moving to github and want some real perspectives first.
> Thanks,
> -Eric

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