UI Options merge branch 4267 now in project repo master!

Michelle D'Souza michelled33 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 22:17:20 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,

We've reached an exciting moment - the UIOptions merge branch has now out lived its usefulness.  Most things are now integrated and working better then what we had in the project repo. Antranig and I have just merged the branch into the project repository master. This means that our build site will soon be showing the current state of the code. 

There are two things that are currently broken and we will address them on Monday:

1. the Sakai integration demo
2. the standalone demo

I also noticed when I did the merge that the jquery tabs was changed but I didn't see a modification to the Readme file. Anyone know details about this change?

If you are working on UI Options you should now be working on a branch of the project repo master and do pull requests for your work. 

Everything in UI Options will need a code review which we will be doing on Tuesday at 2:00 pm Eastern. Bring your laser eyes! :)

We didn't preserve all the log messages in the final merge commit. Since the individual commits are all still there we decided it wasn't worth updating the repo just for one log message. If you don't agree let us know soon because it will be a pain to deal with once there are more commits in. I've included the full list of commits below for the curious. 

Whew - this has truly been a community effort!


    Merge branch 'FLUID-4267'
    * FLUID-4267:
      FLUID-4277: Sloved the async template loading issue that causes the ui options tests fail on firefox.
      FLUID-4262: Fixing the integration demo to work with the new settings.
      FLUID-4262: Reviving the uiEnhancer.updateModel
      FLUID-4229: Removed preview image dir from demo
      FLUID-4229: Added full no preview component and added to demo
      FLUID-4265: Split the store tests out from UIEnhancer. Added Store.js to the demos and tests.  Moved the demands block for set
      FLUID-4228: De-tabbed, linted js file
      FLUID-4228: Created js file for Full with Preview version of UIO and added to demo
      FLUID-4267: Refactored the textfieldSlider tests slightly.  More tests to be added in the FLUID-4208 branch.
      FLUID-4230: fixed path to ariaTabs in demo
      FLUID-4265: Pulling the storage strategy for settings out of UIEnhancer. Moving defaultSiteSettings into uiOptions.store.
      FLUID-4230: style clean up, removed fat demo js file (not used)
      FLUID-4267:  Move validateValue() tests out of UIOptions and into TextFieldSlider tests
      FLUID-4230: Fixed save button check
      FLUID-4230: Dependency updates
      FLUID-4230: Reverted UIO amalgateClasses work, moved tabs to be subcomponent of UIO instead of FPanel, moved ariaTabs and adde
      FLUID-4267:  Make validateValue() function of the textSlider public and add unit tests for this function
      FLUID-4230: Added almalgateClass to fetchResources in UIOptions.js, so it waits for control templates to load as well. Add pri
      FLUID-4267: Added UIO component unit tests.  Much more to follow.
      FLUID-4216: Implemented a component to apply specific css styles to the options on the dropdown list of "text style" and "colo
      FLUID-4230: Fat panel js, commenting out enhancer to debug
      FLUID-4230: Fat panel js, UIOptions as subcomponent
      FLUID-4235: Fixing a bug in the UIEnhancer which references 'container' instead of 'that.container'. Updating FullPreviewUIOpt
      FLUID-4235: Created the pageEnhancer and moved the global UIEnhancer into the static environment. Started to remove UIOptions 
      FLUID-4230: Fat Panel js
      FLUID-4216: 1. implemented the multiplier for font size and line spacing; 2. modified the textfield slider to increment in 0.1
      FLUID_4267:  Auto-save component option
      FLUID-4229: Clean up for control templates, affecting full with and without preview UIOptions layouts
      FLUID-4267: removed the comment on event bindings that was introduced by mistake.
      FLUID-4230: Uncommented bindhandler line
      FLUID-4229: Cleaning up css for control templates and full UIOptions
      FLUID-4203: Adding UIOptions test page.
      FLUID-4229: Styling control templates for full no preview. Cleaning up css in general
      FLUID-4229: Added control templates to Full no preview
      FLUID-4217: Linting
      FLUID-4217: Fixing up unit tests and component code with Justin
      FLUID-4217: Converted the animation to invokers
      FLUID-4217: Fixing up unit tests and component code with Justin
      FLUID-4230: Fat Panel styling
      FLUID-4230: Fat Panel styling
      FLUID-4216: Replaced all {controls}s with {uiOptions}s and fixed unit tests.
      FLUID-4230: Adding control templates to fat panel
      FLUID-4230: Adding JQ UI tabs to fat panel layout
      FLUID-4230: Moving jq UI tabs from /demos/lib to /lib
      FLUID-4230: Moving jq UI tabs from /demos/lib to /lib
      FLUID-4230: Merging, adding JQ UI tabs to fat panel layout
      FLUID-4217: Added events to Sliding Panel component. Unit tests need tweaking
      FLUID-4217: Added events to Sliding Panel component. Unit tests need tweaking
      FLUID-4203: Re-adding test file after graph-flip fix caused reversion.
      FLUID-4217: Refactored Sliding Panel component and started unit tests
      FLUID-3782: Removed tabs js, to be replaced with jQuery UI tabs
      FLUID-3782: Getting live preview basically working
      FLUID-3782: Fixed vertical alignment of columns
      FLUID-4217: Start of the SlidingPanel component
      FLUID-3782: Fixing column styling in full page no preview UIO
      FLUID-3782: Tabs component in the works
      FLUID-3782: Sliding panel component almost done, tab component half done
      FLUID-3782: Separated out full page UIO styles
      FLUID-3782: Refactoring CSS to separate out full page UIO styles
      FLUID-3782: Removed standalone demos, moved into regular demo area; created new demo for no preview UIO
      FLUID-3782: Starting the tabs component
      FLUID-3782: Creating new full page without preview template
      FLUID-3782: Fat Panel styling
      FLUID-3782: Separated full page with preview configuration out, and made UIOptions.css a global stylesheet for all configurati
      FLUID-3782: Fixed paths in full preview demo, continued work on fat panel
      FLUID-3782: Styling and markup tweaks to the full page UI options to match wireframes
      FLUID-3782: Fat panel work, tabs
      FLUID-3782: Tweaking layout styles and adding cancel and save icons
      FLUID-3782: Restructuring UIO demos to include different layouts, adding Fat Panel version
      FLUID-3782: Modified slider styling.
      FLUID-3782: Clean up of UIO for 1.4 styling
      FLUID-3782: UIO 1.4 styling
      FLUID-3782: Backed-out the rich dropdown
      FLUID-3782: Adding in rich dropdown jquery ui plugin
      FLUID-3782: Adding in rich dropdown jquery ui plugin
      Starting changes to UIO for 1.4, based on James's mockups
      Starting changes to UIO for 1.4, based on James's mockups

Michelle D'Souza
Inclusive Software Developer Researcher
Inclusive Design Research Centre

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