Image Gallery

Justin Obara obara.justin at
Fri Jun 3 13:49:15 UTC 2011


I've forked the Image-gallery into the fluid-project space. Could you please delete any forks that you may have and re-fork off the one from the project-repo space. This is to make sure that the fluid-project/image-gallery is recognized as the main repo. I'll be removing the image-gallery2 and  sakai-master repos shortly. 

As I understand most of this code was worked on collaboratively, so has already sort of undergone 1 or more code reviews. I took a quick glance over it and it seemed to be pretty good. I think what we might want to look at later though is to make sure conventions are being properly followed and/or defined. I think across our demos in general we should come up with proper namespace conventions for both the code and the styles. Simillarly with the naming of the finalInit functions, which is something that Antranig has brought up previously. 

Another bit that is interesting is the use of ":" in the selector name, rather than using the "repeatingSelectors" option in the defaults for the rendererComponent. I think this is done a bunch in cspace too. We should probably evaluate which is the correct approach and standardize on one or the other. 

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