Component idea: The string collapser (does this exist?)

Jonathan Hung jhung at
Thu Jun 2 20:27:01 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,

In designing the new Image Uploader demo, I realized that adding a filename
as a caption to the uploaded images would not be possible because the string
may be too long. This issue is similar to FLUID 962 ( where long filenames in the
file queue create unwanted disappearance of text.

It would be nice to have a component that handles the expanding and
collapsing of text.

- Specify the splitting of long strings of text after X chracters.
- Specify the appearance of an ellipsis at the middle or end of the string.
- Expand or contract the string to fit within a container.
- Resize the string as the container is resized
- Hovering / focusing truncated text could reveal complete text (maybe as an
accessible tooltip?)

Does a similar component already exist? If not, perhaps this can be a
component worth considering for development.

- Jonathan.

Jonathan Hung / jhung at <jhung.utoronto at>
IDRC - Interaction Designer / Researcher
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