Content simplification demo working - in need of styling TLC

Antranig Basman antranig.basman at
Fri Jul 29 08:24:03 UTC 2011

I've pushed a basically working version of the content simplification demo to michelle's branch at
It falls short of James' vision in a few respects - the descriptive popup along the slider is not 
implemented, as well as it using our standard textfield slider component in place of the elegantly shaded 
roundel on the bar with hierarchical detents. Perhaps we can try designing such a component for 1.5 :) But 
perhaps not before we have fixed the awful problems in the framework and also the UIO implementation which I 
must apologise for having hacked around in a fairly shameful way to get the demo working... since we are 
planning to throw all this code away as soon as the 1.5 cycle starts in favour of an "ant" oriented solution 
I reasoned there wasn't much point making a better job of it.
NB that this demo right now will probably only work at all in FF since it is forked off an older version of 
UIO before cindyli had fixed many bugs. I will make a merge in to it once cindy is ready with her final 1.4 

I've made for some styling issues which perhaps someone 
could take a look at (at an appropriate point depending on how important we think this demo is in the 1.4 
timeframe) - I am still seeing some issues with "jumping" of the links in the header bar, also I made a hack 
to the CSS to make the header background appear which perhaps someone could make a better job of - and also 
to figure out how to right-justify the simplification level numbers which appear in the descriptive panel in 
the UIO interface itself.


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