UIOptions Endgame

Antranig Basman antranig.basman at colorado.edu
Thu Jul 21 05:37:05 UTC 2011

Our work on UIOptions is rumbling to a close - Cindy is closing in on the last few template loading bugs and 
we should be ready to wrap up the 1.4 release pretty soon. I wanted to start a brief discussion about the 
level of quality we would want to see in the implementation before we considered it was ready to ship.

My idea is that we would like to be able to see the ability for users to configure all of the functionality 
that is present, by means of supplying options directly to the component. I found during my work on the 
simplification demo that this is not possible with the component as it stands, even for the functionality 
committed to for this release. I think, for example, if we could demonstrate that the user could configure 
the "classnameMap" which is sent in to the UIEnhancer, this would go a long way towards demonstrating that 
component configuration was possible.

The release has been put off a lot, but we should make sure that the features we put out are a result of 
definite choice rather than mere tiredness :P

Justin, what do you think? Can you think of any other levels of quality assurance we might want to apply to 
UIOptions before we're prepared to wrap it up?


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