UI Options and !important

Valles, Heidi hvalles at ocad.ca
Tue Jul 5 14:52:31 UTC 2011

Re: scoping !importants

Putting !important on every property regardless of scope is an issue if we don't want classes to over-ride each other when put on the same element. Ex: both a font size class and a theme class are added to an element and each one attempts to set font-size to a different value - which should win? I think in this case, whichever style is last in the css file. However, most of our classes are for setting very specific styles so overlap like this isn't an issue. 

Also if a class (with important) is added to a child element where the parent has an important style, the child class will still win for that element due to specificity, so users still have flexibility that way. I think I'm making sense.

I tried adding !importants to all of the text and bg colour styles in the HC theme, and tested demos/fss/themes/html/themes.html - it looks fine. I tried the same with the 1.3 version of the theme and it wasn't fine - some of the text was invisisible (white on white). But I think this just signifies that we have improved the stability of our fss themes in general, filling in the missing gaps. 

So I guess what I'm saying is - go for it without distinguishing scope and let's do a bunch of testing afterwards to confirm that it all works as it should. :)

By the way, the rust theme is deprecated, and coal and slate aren't used by UI Options in 1.4, tho I'm thinking we'll likely add them in later on.


On 2011-07-04, at 6:48 PM, Clark, Colin wrote:

> I've gone through each of the FSS stylesheets on an !important hunt. Here's what I found:
> fss-text.css adds !important to the following properties:
> 	font-size
> 	line-height
> 	font-family
> 	color
> 	background-color
> 	background-image
> the theme files add !important to these properties:
> 	td border
> 	background-color
> 	background
> 	color
> However, not every reference to these properties was made !important. Are we safe to add !important to any occurrence of these properties, or do we need to scope them only to certain selectors? If so, it'll involve a bit more work in our code, but not a lot.

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