pager sorting removing jquery event handlers

Eric Dalquist eric.dalquist at
Thu Jan 27 00:49:43 UTC 2011

I have a pager setup with sortable columns, the table head looks like:

<tr rsf:id="header:">
<th class="flc-pager-sort-header hrs-pager-head-date hrs-clickable"><a 
href="javascript:;" rsf:id="date">Date</a></th>
<th class="flc-pager-sort-header hrs-pager-head-status hrs-clickable"><a 
href="javascript:;" rsf:id="status">Status</a></th>
<th class="flc-pager-sort-header hrs-pager-head-total hrs-clickable"><a 
href="javascript:;" rsf:id="total">Total</a></th>
<th class="flc-pager-sort-header hrs-pager-head-type hrs-clickable"><a 
href="javascript:;" rsf:id="type">Type</a></th>

To make it so the user can click anywhere in the <th> I have a little 
bit of jquery that does:

         (".hrs-clickable").click(function() {
             //Simulate a click on the first anchor and click on it

The problem is this only works once. It appears that when a sort event 
occurs all of my click handlers disappear. Doing the following in my 
click code fixes it:

         (".hrs-clickable").live("click", function() {
             //Simulate a click on the first anchor and click on it

I'd rather that my event handlers that I add to the th elements stayed 
in place after a sort happens though. I'm using Fluid 1.2.1.


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