SVN-Git migration plan

Colin Clark colinbdclark at
Tue Jan 25 20:37:39 UTC 2011

Hi Justin,

Here are my notes from our marathon SVN-Git migration planning meeting this afternoon. I've also copied fluid-work so that  everyone else can see our draft plan for what to do with each of the directories that currently live in SVN.


Fluid Project Organization Github Layout

Master Repositories

1. Infusion
2. Engage
3. Kettle
4. Image Gallery 2
6. Workshops
7. Websites
9. Build scripts
10. Builder

Prominent Branches and Forks

A. Documentation and demos (in #1)
B. mFSS Firefox theme (forked from #1)
C. VideoPlayer (forked from #1 or standalone)

Copy History for Infusion, Kettle, and Engage Core

1. Infusion Repository History
  a. utoronto/fluid/components > utoronto/fluid/trunk 
  b. utoronto/fluid/components/trunk > fluid/components/trunk 
  c. fluid/components/trunk > fluid/infusion/trunk

2. Engage Core Repository History
  a. incubator/engage-client/trunk > fluid/fluid-engage-core/trunk
  b. fluid/fluid-engage-core > fluid/engage/fluid-engage-core

3. Kettle Repository History
  a. incubator/engage-sketches > fluid/fluid-engage-kettle/trunk
  b. fluid/fluid-engage-kettle > fluid/engage/fluid-engage-kettle

Directory-by-directory plan for migrating SVN

  all 				-> Delete


decapod/   		-> Delete
engage/    		-> Migrate to git
final-report-2009/ 	-> Leave as-is
fluid-all/ 		-> Delete, unnecessary in the Git world
gallery-portlet/ 	-> Delete, ancient
image-gallery/ 		-> Migrate to git
infusion/		-> Migrate to git	
pattern-cms/		-> Migrate to git


build-scripts/		-> Migrate to git or replace
fluid-release-all/	-> Delete, unnecessary in the Git world
gallery-build/		-> Delete, ancient
gallery2-build/		-> ?? (need Git externals or a shell script)
infusionBuilder/	-> Migrate to git
infusionBuilder-server-deploy/	-> Consolidate with Builder
portlet-build/		-> Delete, ancient


FSOSS-2009/		-> Migrate to workshop repo
FliquorPortlet/		-> Migrate to workshop repo
Mobile-FSS/		-> Delete
Preferences/		-> Delete
acceptance-tests/	-> Migrate to Justin's own repo
ajaxResources/		-> Delete
autocomplete-ioc-demo/	-> Migrate to documentation branch
bug-parade/		-> Delete
collectionspace-ui-schema/	-> Delete
couch-views/		-> Consolidate with Engage
debug/			-> Delete
domMutationEvent/	-> Offer to Joseph or delete it
extremal-pager/		-> Offer to Antranig or delete
fluidproject-website/	-> Delete
frameworkExamples/	-> Delete
infusion-workshop/	-> Migrate to workshop repo
inline-edit/		-> Delete
jack-test/		-> Delete
javascript-workshop/	-> Migrate to workshop repo
jquery-conf-examples/	-> Migrate to workshop repo
jquery-ui-dialog-and-slider/	-> Delete
jquery-workshop/	-> Migrate to workshop repo
js-perftests/		-> Offer to Antranig (or Colin)
lightbox_ports/		-> Delete
markupExamples/		-> Delete
menu/			-> Delete
mobile-design-testing-platform/	-> Ask James (migrate to design?)
mobile-workshop/	-> Migrate to workshop repo
multiple-infusion-tests/	-> Delete
multiple-renderers/	-> Ask Anastasia or delete
myCollection-tryout/	-> Include as part of Engage migration
objectCodeEntry/	-> Include as part of Engage migration
pager-rendered/		-> Delete
progress-indicator/	-> Migrate to Website repo
rendered-lightbox/	-> Delete
services-sketches/	-> Merge into Engage repo
springboards/		-> Delete
tabindex/		-> Offer to Joseph or delete it
tutorials/		-> Move grid-reorderer and renderer to docs branch
uploader/		-> Offer to Cindy or Colin
uploader2/		-> Delete


aegis-demo-nov-2010/	-> Delete
batched-pager/		-> ** BOZ **
engage/			-> Give paging directory to Justin
engage-website/		-> Migrate to Websites repo
infusionBuilder/	-> Delete
mfss_firefox/		-> Fork Infusion, apply changes there
phoneGap/		-> ** BOZ **
primer/			-> Delete
progress/		-> Delete
rhino/			-> Offer to Antranig
uiOptions/		-> Fork Infusion, apply changes there
uploader/		-> Delete
videoPlayer/		-> Migrate to VideoPlayer repo

Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project

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