What are your top 5 issues?

Colin Clark colinbdclark at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 17:38:29 UTC 2011

Hi Justin,

Sorry for the delay in sending you my list. Here it is:

1. Users can tab through each item in the Layout Reorderer

2. Whatever Mike suggests for the Uploader. My list is a little long, but is roughly in order. Some have already been fixed, or are well on their way.

  a) Uploader should send one file at a time

  b) Add more button in Uploader is not disabled while uploading

  c) Specifying a file limit throws an exception

  d) Clean up Uploader's markup

  e) Improve Uploader's error handling

  f) Disable delete keyboard shortcut when uploading

  g) File types are specified incorrectly in the HTML5 Uploader

  h) Uploader only stops after the current file has been completely uploaded

Were I to be granted a bonus issue for going above and beyond the five item limit, I'd pick this one:



On 2011-01-20, at 10:50 AM, Justin Obara wrote:

> Thank you to those who have sent their top 5 issues to me. If you have sent them to me privately, could you please also forward it here to the list. For those who haven't yet sent anything out, please let us know what you think are the top 5 issues that we should address for 1.3.1.
> Thanks
> Justin
> On 2011-01-10, at 12:41 PM, Justin Obara wrote:
>> Hello, 
>> We've just recently come out of a lengthy bug parade and release for Infusion 1.3. We are planning on a 1.3.1 maintenance release, which will include some more uploader fixes. There should also be some time to get some other issues addressed. With that in mind, I'd love to know what everyone's top 5 open issues are. 
>> Please let me know over the next couple of days, after which we'll try to go through them and see what we can address for Infusion 1.3.1.
>> Thanks
>> Justin
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