what's left for the Infusion 1.3.1 release

Cheetham, Anastasia acheetham at ocad.ca
Sat Feb 26 13:10:00 UTC 2011

On 2011-02-25, at 4:52 PM, Justin Obara wrote:

> - talk to anastasia about the remaining doc tasks for 1.3.1

There are three remaining 1.3.1 documentation tasks:

FLUID-3716: Review the IoC documentation for correctness (Antranig)
FLUID-4030: Document Model Transformation (Colin)
FLUID-4031: Document Progressive Enhancement (Colin)

Colin, I can take on the latter two tasks if you like: I can look at the code itself to figure it out. Of course, if you want to brain-dump some notes or bullet points, that would make the job faster :-)

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