InlineEdit tests for release 1.3.1 with browsers IE 6,7,8, FF 3.6, 4, Chrome 9 and Safari 5

Chowdhury, Golam gchowdhury at
Fri Feb 18 21:50:23 UTC 2011

Hi Justin,

Here are my findings during my tests. For more information please take a look at the attachment.

IE 6,7,8 issues with XP:
-Noticed something interesting. When clicked on the tab button after entering the text, it skips the save button and goes into the cancel button.

IE 6 issues with XP:
-The demo codes are showing at the bottom of the screen.
-Loading of icons are slow and noticeable on CKEditor3.
-Demo page showing warning.

IE 7 issues with XP:
-The demo codes are all bundled together. There was no spacing or indentation.
-There is an error showing on the demo page.
-Tiny MCE doesn't show "Click Edit".

IE 8 issues with XP:
-Automated tests failed and jira was filed JIRA-2536.
-Error on demo page.

FF 3.6 issues with MAC:
-The icons, text and  buttons all seems to be in one area.

Chrome 9 issues with XP:
-Using keyboard cannot tab out using Tiny MCE.

IE 6,7,8, FF 3.6, 4, Chrome 9 issues with both XP and MAC:
-All failed to hide code on the page.

FF 3.6, 4, Safari 5 issues with MAC:
-Cannot focus using keyboard.


Golam Chowdhury
gchowdhury at | 416-977-6000 ext. 3962
Software Developer
Inclusive Design Research Centre (IDRC)
OCAD University
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