Infusion 1.3.1 Testing - Results for Layout Reorderer and Uploader Windows 7 FF3.6, IE8

Jonathan Hung jhung at
Thu Feb 17 20:03:00 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,

I have gone through testing of Uploader and Layout Reorderer on Windows 7
using IE8 and FF3.6.

Nothing broken, but one new issue and updated an old issue.

NEW: FLUID-4072 - "Invalid keyboard move displays inaccurate message for
keyboard usage"

UPDATED: FLUID-3990- "Cannot upload files larger than ~20 MB in Flash
uploader and ~100 MB in HTML5 uploader"

- Jonathan.

Jonathan Hung / jhung at <jhung.utoronto at>
IDRC - Interaction Designer / Researcher
Tel: (416) 977-6000 x3959
Fax: (416) 977-9844
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