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Colin Clark colinbdclark at
Mon Feb 14 22:01:24 UTC 2011

Hey Michelle,

Here's a quick status update on a few of these items...

On 2011-02-10, at 10:45 AM, Michelle D'Souza wrote:

> 1. Should we ship the changes to get/set that went in with svn revision 10469 even though we will not be doing a full QA cycle?
> 	Justin and Antranig are planning to talk about this.

We're going to pull this from master before shipping Infusion 1.3.1 in order to reduce QA time. We'll include it in 1.4 instead.

> 2. Should we fork jslint so we can keep our 'var in for' style or should we change our style?
> 	Antranig has offered to do the fork and pull request .

Antranig, Justin and I chatted this afternoon. Antranig's planning to hack on this tonight. We'll need to work with Jamon to get this deployed somewhere until Crockford updates, or else ask coders to run it locally.

> 3. Should we ship 4055 (IoC changes) in 1.3.1 or 1.4?
> 	My personal thoughts are that we put these changes in 1.4 but I'd like to know what Antranig thinks.

Nothing has been committed for FLUID-4055 yet, so we'll punt it to Infusion 1.4.

> FLUID-3886 - The strategy for fixing this was worked out in the channel. Either Colin or I will attempt to get this work done and into 1.3.1 but it hasn't been started yet. 

I'll start in on this one now.

> FLUID-3900 - Mike has started this work and has a patch which could be picked up by someone else

I can work on this one tomorrow.


Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project

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