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Just a reminder that we will be deleting the https://github.com/fluid-project/misc shortly. Please ensure that you have assumed all of the code you wish to keep.


On 2011-02-03, at 11:29 AM, Justin Obara wrote:

> The misc repo on github ( https://github.com/fluid-project/misc ), is only temporary and will be removed in a couple of weeks. The misc repo is made up of 10 branches which correspond to repositories that used to live in svn under scratchpad or incubator. 
> Branches
> ========
> acceptance-tests/	        ->  Migrate to Justin's own repo
> domMutationEvent/	->  Offer to Joseph 
> extremal-pager/		->  Offer to Antranig
> js-perftests/		        ->  Offer to Antranig (or Colin)
> tabindex/		        ->  Offer to Joseph
> uploader/		        ->  Offer to Cindy or Colin
> batched-pager/		->  ** BOZ **
> engage-paging/		->  Give paging directory to Justin
> phoneGap/		        ->  ** BOZ **
> rhino/			        ->  Offer to Antranig
> My Migration Steps
> ===============
> cloned misc repo on my local machine
> git clone git at github.com:fluid-project/misc.git
> in my github account I created new repositories for each of my branches
> on my local machine in the cloned misc repo i created two new remotes pointing at each of my new repositories
> git remote add testing git at github.com:jobara/testing.git
> git remote add paging git at github.com:jobara/engage-paging.git
> next i checked out and pushed each branch as the master to the appropriate repository
> acceptance-tests
> git checkout acceptance-tests
> git push testing acceptance-tests:master
> engage-paging
> git checkout engage-paging
> git push paging engage-paging:master
> If you have any questions about the above steps, or no longer want the code please let me know.
> Thanks
> Justin

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