what makes a good component candidate?

Richards, Jan jrichards at ocad.ca
Tue Feb 8 21:07:20 UTC 2011

Hi Heidi,

Since you're asking, I'll shamelessly promote an idea I've bounced off a few of the Fluid folks before :)

....a color checker with automatic screening for WCAG-passing contrast...no more checking colour combinations for WCAG-contrast one by one!

I did a mockup a few years back - but I'm sure you could improve it:

Here's the larger document it is part of (search for "Contrasting colors"):


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> hello all,
> I'm setting out to make a component, as a means of learning the ins and
> outs of infusion, writing documentation as I go. However, I'm stumped
> already on deciding what to make, and wondering if it'd be possible to
> come up with a checklist for what makes a good component candidate. Or
> the other way, if I have an idea, how to flesh out the component-ness
> of it, if that makes sense.
> Anastasia and I were also talking about a component wish-list on the
> wiki - it might be good for inspiring others to contribute, but also to
> give an idea of the possibilities with infusion.
> Suggestions?
> heidi
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