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Tue Feb 8 19:00:15 UTC 2011

hey Anastasia,

Checkin out your mind maps today. A few things...

1) Simpler, filled out About section - I'm wondering about sticking dev guide/framework overview/concepts in 'about infusion'. I like when 'about' pages are nice and general. An easy place to find out a little more, non-technical, background info. 

2) Top level dev guide - thinking dev guide should be on the same level as about, as it'll prob be a heavily used link/main target for many.

3) Keep all the framework stuff together (overview, technical, concepts) - a nice fat framework section starting with an overview & concepts make sense to me.

4) Keep all the component stuff together (overview, technical, demos) - I think if I were looking for component demos, I'd first check the components section vs about. 

5) Maybe rename "how do i?" section to Tutorials, or FAQ? And stick in the Dev Guide maybe?

6) split 'concepts' section into more specific concept pages for particular sections... maybe.

So roughly...

Infusion Doc:

	-why infusion?
	-maybe a what is infusion? page (like
	-contributors, history, browser compat, license?

-Dev Guide
	-concepts (like those in concepts mind map)
	-code structure (what's this one?)
	-dev process (is that like our coding & commit standards?)
	-testing (i wonder if this is part of dev process)
	-tutorials (i.e the how do i? section)
	-overview/concepts (particular to framework)

	-overview/concepts (what is a component? component lifecycle)
-API Reference

What do you think?


On 2011-02-02, at 1:28 PM, Cheetham, Anastasia wrote:

> I've updated the architecture to include a Developer Guide section. If you refresh the page, you'll see it:
> Can anyone think of anything else that's missing?
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