Requirements for new docs platform: input requested

Cheetham, Anastasia acheetham at
Thu Feb 3 14:59:19 UTC 2011

In order to choose a new platform for our documentation, I'd like to fully identify and prioritize our requirements. I've spoken to a number of people, which has helped, but I'd like to finalize this list before using it to evaluate the options.

Absolute Musts:
- documentation must be accessible and transformable (output should be HTML styled using CSS)
- anyone (on the core team or in the community) can contribute to the documentation
- the authoring interface must be accessible
- we can embed components/JS in the documentation to allow live demos
- there must be a means to have a "staging area" where docs can be written, updated etc. before becoming publicly available

Would Be Nice:
- the platform should be open source
- documentation can be versioned to match numbered releases
- anyone can comment on or discuss the documentation (e.g. comments on Confluence pages, "discuss" pages in wikipedia)
- pages can be tagged
- documentation can be made available in PDF

Some Thoughts:
- What about security issues around allowing anyone in the community to embed JS in our documentation? I know we don't currently worry about that in Conflunce, but should we?

I would really appreciate any comments, additions, alternative thoughts on priorities, etc. 

Anastasia Cheetham     Inclusive Design Research Centre
acheetham at            Inclusive Design Institute
                                        OCAD University

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