Infusion Builder Rev 2 design - feedback needed

Cheetham, Anastasia acheetham at
Tue Feb 1 14:52:18 UTC 2011

Jonathan, I purposely had a look at the new illustration before reading your explanation, to get a sense of what a user might experience. Here are my first impressions:

- The "ignore" column in the third-party modules is not clear: What does it mean to ignore something? It's possible that in a live scenario, where I could observe checkboxes turning themselves on and off as I make other changes, this might become more clear.

- Why is the "ignore" option only on the third-party modules, and not on anything else?

After reading our description/explanation, here are my thoughts:

- I'm still not clear on the different interface for the Infusion Core stuff and the third-party stuff: Why does only the third-party stuff have the "ignore" option? What happens if I select a component (which will automatically select the Framework), then deselect the Framework, then select another component? Will Framework come back on? Should I be able to "ignore" it?

I guess I'm still not quite clear what the "ignore" function does. Perhaps it might be helpful to see a sequence of steps, to show what would turn on/off when, and what happens when the user 'ignores' something?

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