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Wed Aug 31 17:16:03 UTC 2011


James and Justin took a close look at what we've implemented in UI Options and there were several new JIRAs that were opened. I've done a first pass at assigning priority and putting them into 1.4 or 1.5.  James, let me know if you think some of these should move. Everyone, if you think you can whip off something I've put into 1.5 let me know and we can move it into 1.4. Here's the list:

1.4 Blocker:
FLUID-4412: Reset all does not show in the demo portal

1.4 Major: 
FLUID-4405: Linespacing for list items needs to be increased 
FLUID-4406: The columns should all be aligned together
FLUID-4411: The 'Introduction' header over laps the column to the right when text is full size and set to comic sans
FLUID-4414: The buttons to go to the full page UIO in the demo should have inverted colours

1.5 Critical:
FLUID-4407: Remove browser native focus styling from UIO
FLUID-4417: Fix the UIO full page with preview demo to get rid of the horizontal scrollbar

1.5 Major:
FLUID-4413: Modifying linespacing doesn't change the spacing in the tagline of the UIO demo
FLUID-4423: Design the table of contents display
FLUID-4424: Design overflowed interface particularly for Fat Panel UIO when sizes are large
FLUID-4415: Page transition to full page UIO should have a sliding animation
FLUID-4419: Top horizontal rules don't line up in full page UIO with preview
FLUID-4420: Labels for text controls should be vertically centre aligned to the control in the full pageUI Options
FLUID-4421: Determine where the action buttons should be placed in full page UIO
FLUID-4422: In the full page without preview the top nav bar does not extend through the whole width of the page

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