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Fri Aug 26 15:54:49 UTC 2011

I've always enjoyed what Harry Roberts has to say, and I concur with most of what he wrote, the differences are merely matters of "taste." That said I want to focus on what Justin said, improving FSS, to get some of the issues I'm experiencing forefront in my mind so we can discuss them and address them.

As for what Harry had to say, I checked out his framework, inuit.css, when he first released it. But it might be interesting to look deeper into it, having been developed for some time now, specifically with the context he just provided today.

Now me. On Heidi's advice, I went about learning FSS by going straight to the source. The CSS files themselves. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Meaning I didn't resort to it because I had trouble following the documentation, it's just easier for me that way. That said, upon telling people my method, a few members of the team immediately jumped to the conclusion I had trouble following the documentation. Now I don't fault them for doing that, I'm merely wondering if there is another way of supplementing learning FSS, in addition to the documentation, of course. I think heavily commented style sheets are one way. That would have helped me. Or sped the process up a bit.

In fact most what Harry wrote is gold. That "table of contents" approach is pretty cool. Reading a style sheet fresh can be tricky, especially one you wrote a couple years ago and are trying to update with no clue on what you've done. I've had to rewrite more than one style sheet from scratch. This would largely make that process much easier, for myself, yes, but other people, as well. 

There is more but I'm short on time this morning, I'll comment later. As always, interesting stuff to consider. Thanks.

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