videoplayer feedback and bug tracking needed

charly molter charly.molter at
Thu Aug 11 16:28:06 UTC 2011

Hey just made a little website with an example video so it's less
painful to try the player The video is
quite small so the controls are a bit squished I recommend you to go
fullscreen (Shift+f).
If you've got any idea to have for these controllers please feel free
to tell me!
So here are the few bugs raised for the moment:
- Not possible to change the captions using the buttons (Jquery UI
button bug looking for a workaround).
- The sync of the play/pause model when using keyboard shortcuts or
click on the video on IE9 (didn't see happening on Chrome or FF but if
so please tell me).
- No degradation to flash video in case of a browser that doesn't
support the <video> tag.

Please tell me any bugs you see :)

On Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 2:24 PM, charly molter <charly.molter at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've cleaned quite a lot of things on the videoPlayer and I'm
> currently going through a bug tracking and cleaning period. I'm also
> soon going to start the documentation.
> So could you please have a look give your opinion and also raise
> issues on Jira for any bugs I will try to correct most of them. I'm
> also totally available for any suggestion on the way the videoPlayer
> is done even though doing massive changes to the code might be a
> little hard in the time that is left. But after GSOC any big code
> modification will be possible (for eg making a really independent
> media component that can play video/audio).
> Currently the caption conversion needs a server side conversion
> service, however this is not needed for JSONcc formats.
> So to set it up:
> - clone
> - modify in html/VideoPlayer.html the path to infusion
> - modify the options of the videoPlayer and/or the template to your wishes
> - launch it (on a server if you need the conversion service).
> The "german" caption track should be available without any server
> needs. Also Firefox won't allow you to use the videoPlayer locally I
> therefor recommend you any webkit browser.
> Also can anyone know where I can find some creative commons videos
> with captions? that would be way more better than to just show a video
> and captions that don't match.
> If you have any suggestions and/or advice please tell me.
> Best Regards
> --
> Charly Molter

Charly Molter

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