videoplayer feedback and bug tracking needed

charly molter charly.molter at
Thu Aug 11 12:24:32 UTC 2011

I've cleaned quite a lot of things on the videoPlayer and I'm
currently going through a bug tracking and cleaning period. I'm also
soon going to start the documentation.
So could you please have a look give your opinion and also raise
issues on Jira for any bugs I will try to correct most of them. I'm
also totally available for any suggestion on the way the videoPlayer
is done even though doing massive changes to the code might be a
little hard in the time that is left. But after GSOC any big code
modification will be possible (for eg making a really independent
media component that can play video/audio).
Currently the caption conversion needs a server side conversion
service, however this is not needed for JSONcc formats.
So to set it up:
- clone
- modify in html/VideoPlayer.html the path to infusion
- modify the options of the videoPlayer and/or the template to your wishes
- launch it (on a server if you need the conversion service).

The "german" caption track should be available without any server
needs. Also Firefox won't allow you to use the videoPlayer locally I
therefor recommend you any webkit browser.
Also can anyone know where I can find some creative commons videos
with captions? that would be way more better than to just show a video
and captions that don't match.

If you have any suggestions and/or advice please tell me.
Best Regards

Charly Molter

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