Image Editor Progress

Pulkit Goyal pulkit110 at
Wed Aug 10 15:56:51 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,

I've made good progress with the image editor and wanted to provide a heads
up on how its progressing and what it is doing currently. For now, it
provides options to crop, resize and tag an image. I have tried implementing
everything so that it is accessible with keyboard. This week I would be
working on improving the key board accessibility for the component. By the
end of the Google Summer of Code timeline later this month, I hope to have
something which can provide all the three functions to be performed using
the keyboard.

Recently, I have been working on code cleanup and writing tests for the code
and would continue to work on these in the next week as well .

The source code for the Image Editor (and its related components) can be
found here <>, here


Pulkit Goyal
IIIT Allahabad, India
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