Quick-Start Guide: What would you like to see?

Cheetham, Anastasia acheetham at ocad.ca
Wed Aug 3 13:58:03 UTC 2011

This year, Google is organizing a book sprint to go with the Google Summer of Code projects. We'd like to submit proposals for our projects, as well as general Infusion related topics.

The sprints are short (2-3 days), intended to produce "Quick Start" guides. I have some ideas for an Infusion "Quick Start" guide, but I'd love to hear suggestions from others. What do you think would be most useful to have?

My ideas:

Quick Start Guide to Using Infusion Components
Quick Start Guide to Creating An Infusion Component
Quick Start Guide to Using The Infusion Renderer
Quick Start Guide to Using The Infusion Inversion Of Control (IoC) System
Anastasia Cheetham     Inclusive Design Research Centre
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