[opinion suggested] keyboard control for the videoPlayer

charly molter charly.molter at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 17:41:45 UTC 2011

Hi everybody,
I've did quite a lot of progress recently on the videoPlayer and I'm
currently trying to add some keyboard control to it.
I need your help to try to find the best and more obvious ones with
bearing in mind a notion of accessibility.
So these are the few rules I've imposed:
- Only one key at a time (no Shift+something) that is mainly because
combination of keys can be hard
- No usage of the numeric pad (many laptop haven't got one)
- The keys should be obvious.

Here is what I've fought for the moment :
play/pause : "p"
volume + : "+"
volume - : "-" (these really need to change indeed on a azerty apple
Keyboard they both need shift and I'm sure azerty is not the only
keyboard that need it)
fullscreen on/off: "f"
captions on/off: "c"
video forward: "t" (this has been chosen as it is often next to the "r" key)
video rewind: "r"

for the volume change and video change I thought about using right,
left, up and down + shift for eg but the combination of keys doesn't
seem really accessible to me.
What's your opinion?
I'm open to any kind of suggestion so please don't hesitate

Best Regards
Charly Molter

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