dead man's blur

Obara, Justin jobara at
Thu Sep 30 18:19:50 UTC 2010

Hi Michelle,

I don't think it will move up for 1.3. I believe Antranig wanted to fix it up a bit before it moved up into the framework. If he has time to do that before your cspace release then it could make it in. It doesn't look like we will need to use it the way we had though for our inline edit fix, so it has dropped off of our radar a bit.

On 2010-09-30, at 1:26 PM, Michelle D'Souza wrote:

> Hey Justin,
> Do you think moving dead man's blur into the framework will happen soon? The reason I'm asking is because the CSpaceInfusion file we generate for Collection Space currently includes InlineEdit but only uses deadMansBlur. I'll be tagging the Infusion trunk tomorrow for the CSpace release and of course I'd rather generate a smaller CSpaceInfusion file if I could. The JIRA is:
> Thanks,
> Michelle
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