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Wed Sep 29 14:41:32 UTC 2010

Thanks for outlining the next steps James. I've found or created JIRAs to go with the short term plan and I've noted them inline below.


On 2010-09-27, at 2:37 PM, James William Yoon wrote:

> In the short term, we're planning to:
> - Go non-modal by default by introducing a sliding panel to replace the modal dialogue that currently exists for on-the-same-page UI options

Just to clarify here - the dialog has never been a part of the UI Options component but rather some extra code that was used in some of the demos and the integration tutorial. You can see a sliding panel demo of UI Options in the demo portal:

We need to move this behaviour into the component and provide a pluggable way to change the interaction between sliding panel and dialog. This is captured in FLUID-2616. 

> - Make the preview area optional

The work for this has been started under FLUID-3761. 

> - Introduce easy/easier integration into the code

Part of making integration easier is to make use of the framework supports that have been built after UI Options was created. This work is captured by FLUID-3762

One of the steps when integrating UI Options into a site is overriding defaults for the component. One of the required overrides we should be able to simplify is the setting of paths to the default templates for the components. There is a placeholder JIRA for this work, FLUID-3742, but we should create a more descriptive JIRA with the work we intend to do. I'd like to discuss this at today's dev meeting. 

We also need to make the accordian part of UI Options instead of having it be external code. FLUID-2421 and FLUID-3736.

As we do this work we should update the documentation: FLUID-3745. 

> - Showcase all of the above in a demo

I believe that there will be some design work done here before we try to develop a new demo - so no JIRAs for this yet. It's really nice to have this work moving forward!

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