Update to Infusion Progress Demo - prompt feedback requested.

Jonathan Hung jhung at ocad.ca
Mon Sep 27 14:00:59 UTC 2010

Hi everyone,

I have been doing some tinkering with the current Progress demo and have
come up with an updated example (see attached). The functionality is
essentially the same, but with a little more context and a little bit more
instruction to the user.

Longer description:

The example shows an order summary for an online grocery delivery service.
There is a status box stating "Confirm and submit your order"  which asks
the user to review their order and and then select the Submit button near
the bottom of the display. After reviewing the following list of groceries,
the user activates Submit.

Immediately upon submission, the Submit button is disabled, and the status
text that previously said "Confirm and submit your order" is now replaced
with the Infusion Progress with the description "Checking inventory, please

Once the progress reaches 100%, the progress bar and description disappear
and is replaced by the text "Order submitted, Demo finished. Restart the
Demo." The words "Restart the demo" is a hyperlink that resets the demo to
its initial state. Otherwise the user can press the Submit button again to
have the progress indicator appear once again.

If possible, I would like to have comments and feedback promptly as work on
this will begin very shortly.


- Jonathan.

PS. The service charge for the grocery delivery is exuberant, but it's a
small price to have the items delivered by a helicopter.
Jonathan Hung / jhung at ocad.ca <jhung.utoronto at gmail.com>
IDRC - Interaction Designer / Researcher
Fax: (416) 977-9844
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