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Thu Sep 23 13:45:20 UTC 2010

Hi James,

This sketch looks really hot, and is a nicely scoped example of how features in the Infusion framework work. It looks particularly compelling for illustrating how the Inversion of Control system weaves together small, cooperating views, and how the ChangeApplier keeps them all in sync with a shared model.

I see a couple of interesting areas we'll need to think about related to accessibility:

1. Keyboard navigation and labelling for the colour picker will be very useful
2. Alternative renderings for the various visualizations.

Since we've got several possible visualizations of the data, we might want to explore a couple of strategies. A reasonable description of the more complex visualizations could be useful, and we might want to consider what a text-only or audio rendering might look like. I like how users can customize the colours of the visualization to suit their preferences.

You might start by simply writing down a textual description of the user interface so far and how it works, and that might lead towards some ideas for non-visual alternatives.



On 2010-09-23, at 7:32 AM, James William Yoon wrote:

> Thanks for the comments, Anastasia!
> On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 5:02 PM, Cheetham, Anastasia <acheetham at ocad.ca> wrote:
> > Description of the screens:
> >   01: The initial screen. User is expected to select an existing data set or create a new one.
> >   02: The left panel transitioning.
> Ah, fancy transitions :-)
> Its snazziness is a peachy bonus to keeping the user oriented, ;)
> >   03: Data set selected. Raw data on left, data visualized on right. Key-value pairs are editable. Ideally, it'd be nice if we could update the visualizations in real-time (i.e., on edit), but if not, the user can use the "Apply" button to make things happen. (it'd also be good if we could animate the visualization changes)
> This is one of the lovely features of the Framework: We should be able to easily set it up such that the views automatically update when the data changes (i.e. without having to click Apply). In fact, this is one of the features we want this demo to illustrate!
> Excellent!
> >   03B: Nothing of interest here, except that the title says "Custom data set" in italics.
> Why has the title changed? Is this because the user has edited the existing data set? Or is this in the case of the user creating their own data set?
> Yes: 03B is the case where the user clicked "Create your own data set". I considered the use of the same title when the user edited an existing data set, but I think that would be confusing and disorienting (even a minor edit would make an entire title disappear). Perhaps a small "edited" distinction beside those titles would be better suited.
> James
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