Fluid Infusion framework demo design

James William Yoon jyoon at ocad.ca
Thu Sep 23 11:32:30 UTC 2010

Thanks for the comments, Anastasia!

On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 5:02 PM, Cheetham, Anastasia <acheetham at ocad.ca>wrote:

> > Description of the screens:
> >   01: The initial screen. User is expected to select an existing data set
> or create a new one.
> >   02: The left panel transitioning.
> Ah, fancy transitions :-)

Its snazziness is a peachy bonus to keeping the user oriented, ;)

>   03: Data set selected. Raw data on left, data visualized on right.
> Key-value pairs are editable. Ideally, it'd be nice if we could update the
> visualizations in real-time (i.e., on edit), but if not, the user can use
> the "Apply" button to make things happen. (it'd also be good if we could
> animate the visualization changes)
> This is one of the lovely features of the Framework: We should be able to
> easily set it up such that the views automatically update when the data
> changes (i.e. without having to click Apply). In fact, this is one of the
> features we want this demo to illustrate!


> >   03B: Nothing of interest here, except that the title says "Custom data
> set" in italics.
> Why has the title changed? Is this because the user has edited the existing
> data set? Or is this in the case of the user creating their own data set?

Yes: 03B is the case where the user clicked "Create your own data set". I
considered the use of the same title when the user edited an existing data
set, but I think that would be confusing and disorienting (even a minor edit
would make an entire title disappear). Perhaps a small "edited" distinction
beside those titles would be better suited.

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