FLUID-3671 Screen reader a11y and usability issues with Progress (esp. lack of feedback for screen reader users)

Chowdhury, Golam gchowdhury at ocad.ca
Mon Sep 20 20:49:45 UTC 2010

Hey Guys,

Issues with Screen Reader:
Current progress bar does not announce the progress bar status when using NVDA2010 screen reader using Fire Fox 3.5.9 and 3.6.9.


During our testing we have found two options. Option one using aria-valuenow and option two using aria-live. Following I have outlined the pros and cons for both of the options.

Option one using aria-valuenow:
-Just need to comment out the aria-valuetext
-Works in all cases
-Behaves similar to other progress indicators
-Doesn't buffer

-Not descriptive in JAWS
-Jaws doesn't announce completion

Option two using aria-live:
-Announce all progress states
-Works in all cases

-More code to add
-Buffer announcements (will keep announcing progress after complete)
-Behavior different then standard progress indicators

I prefer option one because of adding less code for our workaround and it works in most cases. Later on when NVDA fixes their issues with aria-valuetext then this will be a small code fix.  I am attaching all the test cases I have tried. Any suggestion is welcome.

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