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Fri Sep 3 20:09:38 UTC 2010

Hi Steve,

On 2010-08-25, at 11:42 AM, Steven Githens wrote:

> On 08/20/2010 03:51 PM, Colin Clark wrote:
>> On an unrelated note, there's also work on an Infusion plugin for Eclipse. Aaron Zeckoski has kindly contributed a preliminary Eclipse plugin for creating Infusion components, which we could expand. The source code is located here:
> I'm curious where you guys plan on going with your development scripts and further project templates as you switch from j2ee webapps to node.js apps (really cool btw).  Do you plan on continuing to use Ant scripts?

I'm glad you think it's a cool move. We're pretty excited about it. Node.js is really growing into a solid community, and it's a very fast JavaScript engine. Should be a good match for Kettle.

For now, I think we'll probably stick with our Ant scripts, just because we have them and they work well enough. In the long run, I'd like to take the JavaScript-based dependency management code we've got for Infusion custom builds and bring it out of the Ant world into a Node-based environment to keep things simple and reduce the number of tools a user has to install.

> For automation and project creation java folks, have like Ant and Maven Archetypes, Python people have paste and paste project templates, Ruby people have craZ awesome rake stuff.  Is there a comparable scripting and project generation build system that is emerging in javascript?

If there is, I haven't heard about it yet. I'll keep an eye for it. Let me know if you hear anything yourself.

Hope you're well,


Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project

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