jPlayer audio player plugin for jQuery

E.J. Zufelt everett at
Thu Sep 2 06:24:39 UTC 2010

Good evening,

I was just testing out jPlayer and thought I'd send some thoughts since we discussed html5 player accessibility on the call today.

I tested this with JAWS 11 and NVDA 2010.1 on FF 4.0b4.  Both worked well with the player, which is not using the native html5 audio controls (i.e. not using <audio controls="controls">).  This is useful because even though FF 4.0b4 supports html5 audio and exposes the controls, not all AT can recognize the controls.  For instance NVDA 2010.1 does recognize the html5 audio controls, but JAWS does not.

Also tested on IE6 with JAWS 11 and it provided a seemless Flash fallback experience with dhtml links as controls instead of native Flash controls.

Could be useful to investigate these strategies further for the Infusion player.

Everett Zufelt

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