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Hi Colin,

Thanks for the detail schedules. Sounds good. I don't have anything else to add.

Let us know the time tomorrow to do the code review.


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Hi Cindy,

Thanks so much! Builds seem to be working nicely and surprisingly quickly, too.

Off the top of my head, there are a few next steps for us:

1. Code review of your and Harris' patches (shall we schedule some time tomorrow?)
2. Do a review with the designers to make sure everything is polished (maybe on Wednesday at dev meeting?)
3. Deploy it fully and hook back up the daily build on forge
4. Do around of testing and solicit feedback from our users pre-launch

Anything else you'd add to that list?

It seems to me that the failing tests in IE issue is something we should address separately. It's one that we don't want to leave for too long, but it shouldn't hold up these next steps.


On 2010-10-25, at 3:42 PM, Li, Cindy wrote:

> Hi,
> A test run of a improved infusion builder is up and running @
> The improved parts are:
> 1. PHP server side:
>    1.1 added "get.php" to retrieve and return back the requested build.
> 2. HTML client side:
>    2.1 make ajax call to request for the build, handle server error response;
>    2.2 when the build is in process, display a spinner on "Download" button and disable all the controls (checkboxes, radio buttons, buttons);
>    2.3 when the build is received, hide the spinner and enable controls.
> 3. New unit tests for the changes at both sides. Improved server-side unit test structure:
>    3.1 added one general test script to include all individual unit test scripts;
>    3.2 added a config file to define all the paths and constants used in server test cases;
>    3.3 wrote a Simple Test (the PHP unit test software used by infusion builder) skin to display what test cases are run.
> Some remain issues are:
> 1. In firefox, the spinner only spins the first time after the page refresh. After then, the spinner no longer spins. This is a known bug filed in firefox ( It does not happen with other browsers (IE8, Chrome7, Safari 5.0.2), tested on Windows XP.
> 2. Some client-side unit tests fail at IE8 (
> Jira link for your reference:
> You are welcome to try out the test site and let us know what you think.
> Cheers!
> Cindy
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