Infusion Builder test site

Li, Cindy cli at
Mon Oct 25 19:42:35 UTC 2010


A test run of a improved infusion builder is up and running @

The improved parts are:
1. PHP server side:
    1.1 added "get.php" to retrieve and return back the requested build.
2. HTML client side:
    2.1 make ajax call to request for the build, handle server error response;
    2.2 when the build is in process, display a spinner on "Download" button and disable all the controls (checkboxes, radio buttons, buttons);
    2.3 when the build is received, hide the spinner and enable controls.
3. New unit tests for the changes at both sides. Improved server-side unit test structure:
    3.1 added one general test script to include all individual unit test scripts;
    3.2 added a config file to define all the paths and constants used in server test cases;
    3.3 wrote a Simple Test (the PHP unit test software used by infusion builder) skin to display what test cases are run.

Some remain issues are:
1. In firefox, the spinner only spins the first time after the page refresh. After then, the spinner no longer spins. This is a known bug filed in firefox ( It does not happen with other browsers (IE8, Chrome7, Safari 5.0.2), tested on Windows XP.
2. Some client-side unit tests fail at IE8 (

Jira link for your reference:

You are welcome to try out the test site and let us know what you think.



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