Inline Edit Default Image Scaling

Richards, Jan jrichards at
Fri Oct 22 16:07:29 UTC 2010

I think I lean towards scaling being a non-default feature.

BTW: Have you considered an SVG image for non-IE browsers (to support smooth zooming)>:
( As of 2009, all major desktop browsers, and many minor browsers, have some level of SVG support, except for Internet Explorer. Other browsers' implementations are not yet complete; see Comparison of layout engines for further details. As of 2010[update], only Opera, Safari and Google Chrome supported embedding via the <img> HTML element. Mozilla Firefox and some other browsers that can display SVG graphics currently need them embedded in <object> or <iframe> elements to display them integrated as parts of an HTML webpage.[46] However, SVG images may be included in XHTML pages using XML namespaces.[47]


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> Hi everyone,
> We've been having discussions about scaling the default pencil image to match
> the size of the editable text font.   I'm hoping an open discussion would help
> bring a resolution to the issue.
> I lean towards not scaling the pencil image as I feel we're taking away user
> flexibility.  We already require the user to specify an URL to an image source
> if they wish to change the default image; one which they could specify the
> image size to their preference.
> Any thoughts?
> Mike.
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